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Product Design &

Microelectronic Packaging

We integrate diverse die technologies that require a deep understanding of the interactions between device design, materials selection and process capability to enable reliable, high performance products.

Radio Frequency

We specialize in high frequency, broadband design – including device interconnects and transitions, custom micro RF Components and full subsystems and systems.


We specialize in the design and development of complex micro-optical systems – getting light into and out of die-level devices, with associated optical elements.

Integrated Solutions

We take your product concept and design and develop turnkey solutions – from small footprint, high performance optical transceivers to medical test systems.

Process Development

We develop processes to accommodate your microelectronic packaging and optical assembly needs – from ASIC packaging to electro-optic components.

Manufacturing Test Development

We develop test solutions for everything from wafer-level testing, to component testing to system testing, covering structural, parametric and system test.

Advanced Manufacturing Services

Advanced Microsystems Technologies has been at the forefront of developing manufacturing solutions for advanced microelectronic packaged devices for decades. This includes single chip, specialty devices and heterogeneous Multi-Chip Modules at any product volume our customers need.

Product Lifecycle Services

We can support you from early concept design, through to end of life product manufacturing – we are versatile in how and when we engage with you during this cycle.


Advancing automotive optical sensing with solid state LIDAR packaging design services and complimentary manufacturing services.


Providing advanced technology solutions for optical and wireless communication devices that require advanced manufacturing.


Supplying customer needs for advanced optical and RF subsystems for laboratory diagnostic instruments, wearables and other medical devices.


Providing design and advanced manufacturing for leading edge phased array radar systems and Satcomm systems.
Our Mission

We Enable Products

We leverage our core technologies and expertise in Optical, Microelectronics and RF, to enable our customers’ products.
Advanced Microsystems Technologies

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